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I just love working on my homepage! I could get lost for days here digging in my garden of gifs!! LOL There are some great sites here....but may get lost too :)

Annie's Web Treasures
Great Site
Even More Gifs
Emma's Fun Stuff
Jill's Gifs
Still More Gifs
Catladie's Gifs
Lots of Great Gifs
Anne Geddes Gifs
Great Baby Shots
Fake U Out Awards
Award A Friend
Angie's Sunflowers
I Love Them!
Phil's Rock~N~Roll
Backgrounds & Gifs
Gifs Web Ring
Gifs, Gifs and More Gifs
Still Looking?
Lots More Here
Gifs to Go
Neon Letters
My Holiday Collection
Lots Of Great Holiday Sites
Tons Of Gifs
Nicely Organized!
Fallinstar's Gif Links
Lots More Great Gifs
More Gifs
Nice Collection
Lady Raven's
F-Key Graphics

August 2002