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Here is a collection of Valentine's Day gifs. There are a lot of great sites here....PLEASE save me some chocolate....yum :)

Anne's Place Valentine Gifs
Valentine Images!
Granny J's Valentine Gifs
Patrick's Cupid's Day Site
Patrick's Love Site
Valentines Day
IRISH MOM'S Valentine's Day

Valentine Names
Valentine Gifs
Tiger Wild's Valentines
Valentine Gif Sharing
Valentine's Day
Cyber Kittin's Valentines
Hearts And Love
~Valentine Gifs~

B & J's Valentine Gifs
Couch Papa's Valentine Gifs
Jackie's Valentine Gifs
Annwn Valentine Gifs
Valentine GIFs
Hot's Valentine Gifs!
~Happy Valentine's Day~
Valentines Gifs

All You Need Is Love
Animated Valentine Gifs
Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine Gifs
Valentine's With Emma
Pam's Valentine Luvshack

Valentine's Day
Valentine Gifs
Valentine Bannerz
Love Stuff
Teddy Bear's Valentine Gifs
Tee's Clipart Collection