Weekly Forum Challenges: July 6 - 13: Tri Peaks Solitaire/Final badge Get a "Final Score" of 1500 or more! July 6 - 13:Lottso/7000 Badge Have a "Best Game Score" of 7000 or more! July 13 - 20: Poppa Zoppa/ Stomper Badge Get first place in a game! July 13 - 20: Canasta/3 badge Get 4 red 3's in one game. (All 4 Red 3's must be on meld board!) July 20 - 27: Harvest Mania/Years Go By Badge Get to year 6 once this week! July 20 - 27: Phlinx/Stone Age badge Get a mx group of 30 stones once this week! July 27 - August 2: Word Whomp/ Munchies badge Solve every word once this week! July 27 - August 2:Backgammon/Snake Eyes badge Roll Snake eyes (Double 1's) once this week! August 3 - 9:Panda Pai Gow Poker/Panda Gong badge Hit the gong once this week! August 3 - 9:Whord Whomp Whackdown/Mr Smack badge Find All words on hard once thies week! August 10 - 16: Swashbucks/Bubblebucks Badge Get 6,000 points in a single round August 10 - 16:Phlinx/Desert Dusk Badge Drop 35 or more stones in a nighttime stage August 17 - 23:SciFi Slots/Solar System Badge Win 2,000 or more tokens in 1 spin August 17 - 23: Buckaroo Blackjack/Cowboy's Horseshoe Badge Get 1 gold jack August 24 - 30: Turbo 21/Turbo Tail Light Badge Get 14 21's in 1 game August 24 - 30: Tri Peaks/Snake Charmer Badge Get the 3x multiplier this week August 31 - September 6: MahJongarden/Seasons Of Change Badge Finish a puzzle in less than 4:00 on hard August 31 - September 6: Perfect Pair Solitaire/Love Meter Badge Play a perfect game September 7 - 13: Word Jong/Addicted Badge Spell ADDICTS without using a wild tile September 7 - 13: Jigsaw Detective/Sherlock Badge Solve a puzzle in less than 7:00 on hard September 14 - 20: Penguin Blocks/Chilly Willy badge Earn $25 or more in one round. September 14 - 20: Fortune Bingo/Early Bird badge Mark the 1st called number on any 1 of your cards September 21 - 27: Panda Pai Gow Poker/Giant Gong badge Get 350 or more on the bonus bet September 21 - 27: Poppa Zoppa/Monster Masher badge score 5000 or more points in one round September28 - October 4: Greenback Bayou/Purple Sunset Badge Get 6 or more flies in one round. September28 - October 4: Checkers/Checkers Champion Badge Win the game and still have at least 6 of your pieces left October 5 - 11: Spooky Slots/Spike-O-Lantern Badge Get 1000 or more tokens in one spin October 5 - 11: Squelchies/Isn't it Bubbly Badge Catch 25 or more squelchies in the bonus round (25 squelchies=75 bonus tokens) October 17 - 23: Tri-peaks/Hot Streak Badge Get a streak of 12 or more one time. October 17 - 23: Casino Island BlackJack/Mystical Monkey Badge Get a 5 card Charlie one time. October 24 - 30: Aces Up/Pilot's Green Light Badge Win one game with all 4 pilots remaining. October 24 - 30: Keno/Wayward Rainbow Badge Match 4 or more balls in one game. October 31- November 5: Pinochle/Smooth Groove Badge Get double pinochle one time. (2 Jacks of Diamonds & 2 Queens of Spades in 1 hand) October 31- November 5: Showbiz Slots II/Superstar Badge Get a Spin til you win 1 time.( 3 Stars) November 7- 12: Penguin Blocks/Gone Fishin' Badge Get a spiffy combo 1 time(4 seafood combo). November 7- 12: World Class Solitaire/Bon Voyage Badge Finish 1 city that requires 5 wins to complete. November 14-19: Rainy Day Solitaire/Tangled Web Badge Win a game on medium or higher one time. November 14-19: Stellar Sweeper/Blue Galaxy Badge Get a perfect game on medium or hard (1 time). November 21-26: Quick Quack/Bullseye Badge Earn 750 tickets or more in 1 game. November 21-26: Qwerty/ Qwerty Quiboard Badge Score EXACTLY 600 pts in a 600 pt game. November 29-December 4: Vaults of Atlantis Slots/ Shark Killer Badge Win the top prize in the bonus round 1 time. November 29- December 4:Dice Derby/ Royal Roller Badge Roll 5 of a kind in 6's..one time. December 5 - 11:Tumble Bees/ Busy Bumble Bee Badge Win 1 game on level 3. December 5 - 11:Fortune Bingo/ On the Level Badge Get a horizontal line twice on one card. You don't have to win the game. December 12 - 18:Quick Quack/Shoot The Rainbow Badge Get a streak of 50 or better this week! December 12 - 18:Ride The Tide/Let It Ride Badge Win at least 500 tokens on a "Let it Ride" this week December 19 - 25:First Class Solitaire/First Class Multiplier Badge Get 3 out of 4 mulipliers with a 5x score this week (you don't have to win the game) December 19 - 25:Dice Derby/First Place Badge Come in first place for a 6 lap race this week December 26 - 1 January: Casino Island Black Jack/Black Jack Badge Get one natural black jack (Ace and Jack of same suit) once this week! December 26 - 1 January: TriPeaks Solitaire/Get Faced Badge Get one face up deal once this week!
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