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The first time I seen you
I fell so deeply in love
Little did I know
You'd tear my world from above
I'd go through the day only thinking of you
I'd walk through the halls with you raking my brain
Back in the day
A guy could cause me no pain
But things have changed and thats all there worth
I thought you were different
I felt you were the one
To brighten up my days
And make my life feel real
But instead your covered with clouds filled with rain
You told me you wanted to know me
But you never made an effort
You told me one day we would be I sat and waited
I dropped you a note
And I thought it would make you see
How much you mean to me
I never thought I'd feel this way
I never thought love brought such pain
And I never thought you'd be the first to make me see
That love is nothing But a world full of pain