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This Pain I Call Love

Inside my heart you'll find a picture of your face
Inside my soul you'll see me and you sitting on a beach
On the outside I'm all smiles
But if you look inside
You'll find a puddle filled with my tears
When I look at you I see this beautiful person
When you look at me you see that girl
If you would just let me in I'd show you girl is all you'l ever need
When I think of the love I have for you
I feel this tremendous amount of pain
If you tore out my heart and threw it in the mud
It would hurt less then this pain I call love
All my thoughts consist of you
All my deams are about you
I wish you would care If only for oneday
But that would be to much to ask
Because you'd be giving To what I know we both want so bad
And that's why I'm so sad
I would be happier with no emotions because that would be better then
this pain I call love