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I'm sitting here crying
I haven't seen you all day
But still have the pain you left yesterday
You said nothing
Never even looked my way
And that's what brought this pain
If you would've said something
I'd still be crying anyway
If it was up to me
we would've been together Along time ago
And if it was up to me
I would've have been over you A while ago
Something has been done to me
And I'm not sure what it was
But it made me fall in love with you
I heard of being in love
But never when the people aren't together
Sometimes I'm really happy
And other times it feels like my heart is being ripped out of me
Sometimes when I think about how much I love you
It hurts so bad I can barely breath
Sometimes I wsih I would've never moved here
And that way I would've never met you
Before I even knew you
I heard so many stories about you
From my friend who really liked you
When I seen your face
The stories fell into place
My heart began to race
My hopes and dreams my perfect guy
So sweet and nice all in one face
You aren't that cute
Infact everyone thinks your guite ugly
But I see the most beautiful boy In this whole wide world
When you look at me
I'm really not sure what you see
It could be beauty
or just another face
You say I'm ugly
but you always stare at me
I just don't understand
How you say you'll never be my man
But think of me as your girl
Your always looking for ways to make me smile
Without having to talk to me for awhile
And your always making me cry
From the mean things that you say
I wish I could just forget you
I tried other guys
And they never come close to that thing that you have
I'll kiss them and imagine it's you
I'll call there name and say yours
What am I to do
I'm so confused
And stuck inside what you call a crush