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My Best Friend

I have this best friend
We met one day while we were at school
We used to run aroun town
And make all the boy drool
We tell each other secrets
And keep them very well
I spend most of my time with her
And together we changed
And together we keep growing
We learned to use our heads
And think fast too
When you have a best friend
There's always a shoulder to cry on
And a person who believes in you
Someone to laugh with
We made our own language
That nobody could ever understand
Together we stand tall
And never let the other fall
Sure we have fights
But we always make it threw
She's always there no matter what
I must admit she has alot of guts
And even though I've only known her for a short while
She's like my sister
She lets me know when I'm silly
And when it just ain't worth it
She tells me when I don't match
And when my hairs a mess
She gives me happiness
In this world full of hate
I couldn't live without her
I'd rather die if I was without her
And thats why she'll always be my best friend