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Just Listen

I know you hate to hear it
But please just listen
This love have for you is all to real
Don't fear me when you are near
My love will do you no harm
I want to protect you from all your fears
I want to love you more than any other
I want to sing to you a slow song
And hold you in my arms
You say this is only a crush
Then why do I think of you Day and night
Then why do I cry when You don't do things right
Then why do I smile Everytime your in sight
You say our love will never be
Then why do you tell all your friends How much you want me
Why do you get so shy When I walk by
Why are you always looking
When I try to get a glimpse of you
Cause your so fine I Don't understand why I want you to be my man
So walk by me
Hold my hand
Give me a sign And say that you are mine