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Grandma I Love you
Grandma I wish you were here
Grandma I miss you
Grandma I care
Grandma I am so scared
It was 4 years ago
And I can still remeber my fear
As you laid on that floor
And gasped for your last breath of air
I called 911 and told them to come right away
But some how I knew God was taking my gift away
To scared to say goodbye
So I just sat there and cryied
Then came the funeral
I felt I wanted to die
I wrote you that letter That told you how sad I felt
No one understood how mad I was
They didn't watch you die
and cry my name for help
So little I was with my heart so broke and confused
Why did God take you, When he knew I'd miss you so much
Looking at the sky I remebered
I forgot to say goodbye
And I began to cry
Gramps said everything will be ok
Mommy said just be brave
And Aunt Lori said keep crying I feel the same
Listening to all that was said
I kept it all in my head
I got to my feet and got ready for the world
Remembering my grandma
Everyday of my life
She loved me so much
No one ever took my place
No longer am I scared
Grandma moved all the obstacles that were once in my way
She protects me at night
And stands right by my side
Keeping me strong
So things don't seem so rough
Even though 4 years have gone by
I still see my grandma flying by
Every once in a while I get a chance to tell her hi
Grandma don't worry
Me and Aunt Lori will keep Gramps safe
Makayla's real big
And Autumn too
Mommy's still the same
But Brandy You've never met
She's only 2
I wish she had a chance to meet you
Cause she'd think your great
Everyone loves you
Everyone wishes you were here
Everyone misses you
And everyone still cares
Grandma you told me to always remember you
And don't worry I'll never forget
Oh yeah I still have that necklace
The one you gave me the day you died
You told me to keep it forever
Because it was something to remember you by
Grandma don't worry
It'll be with me when I die