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Here is a collection of things that were sent to me by friends on the web. They are all very special to me, and I didn't want to part with any of them! We all know that webtv storage space is limited so I designed this page so I could keep them all. I AM willing to share though.....Please visit my Spirit Flower Garden below...
Enjoy : )

Hello Lord
Words of Wisdom
God's Gift of Angels
Unseen Friends
To All The Wonderful People
Smile For Me
And God Said No
Hug O' War
The Rose of Friendship
An Angel To Watch Over You
A Friend 2
Animated Cyber Smooch
I Am Addicted!!!!!
A Letter From Your Computer
Sometimes I Wish...
The A-Z of Friendship
The Love of a Mother
A Letter To You
Be Good To Yourself
You've Just Been Goosed
Footprints of Friendship
Hugs to My Friends
A Beautiful Rose
What Do Women Do All Day?
Roses For My Friend
Just For You
True Friends
I Feel Good!
A Hug For Everyone
My Friend
Old Blush
You Are...
Always Thinking About YOU!
One Of Those Days
My Special Friends
Red Alert!!!
Virtual Sloppy Kiss
Window To A Friend
Will You Be My Friend?
Kisses & Smiles
I Like Your Email
Your Special
Send this hug...
A Smile Is Contagious
The Little Corner of Winnie The Pooh
Garfield Pooch Smooch
Friendship Is A Treasure
In My Life
And God Said
Missing You
A Guardian Angel
Magical Garden Of Love
Cyber Love
Smile :) :) :)
In The Arms Of The Angel
What Is A Friend?
You've Just Been Pounced
The Starfish
A Place For Me
Thank You My Friend
He Knew My Friend
The Circle Of Friends
Thinking About You
Ice Cream Is Good

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August 2002