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I LOVE the orient. The culture, dress and customs are so different from ours. Some day I hope to travel there... But for now... I will have to settle for this...LOL

Healing Tao
Master Mantak Chia
Yang's Martial Arts Association
Virtual China
Great Site
Chinese Astrology Calendar
Year Of The...
Chinese New Year
Lots of Fun
Chinese Calligraphy
Great Art
The Card Master
Unique Greetings
Darling Bonsai
Send a Bonsai
Blue Mountain Chinese Greetings
In English or Chinese!!!
Japanese Ice Cream???
Bobbie Presents
Asian Gifs
More Asian Gifs
Diamondeve's Pagoda Inn
Great Gifs
Sasha's Place
Another Great Gifs Site
Kukana's Oriental Heaven
More Great Gifs
The Chinese Alphabet
Where Is It?
Get Your Name In Chinese
Neat Site
Photos of China
Courtesy Of Electric Samurai
More Photos
Miscellaneous Photos
A Little Bit Of Everything
Chinese Food
Fortune Cookies
Aren't They Fun?

July 2002